A gameplan to thrive as an agent or wholesaler in a shifting market

High prices + prohibitively high rates = buyers who can't buy = sellers who can't sell

It's just not your fault., and unfortunately no, the New Yorkers and Canadians are NOT coming in droves principally because they can't sell THEIR OWN house where THEY are, because buyers can't afford THEIR house either! So the houses that are listed stay on the market backing up, accumulating, creating a larger supply (alternatives for buyers)

What about the cash buyers?

If we can all see that the available number of homes increasing because the ones already listed are NOT selling and are on the market for over 60 days, do you think people with cash are going to pay the prices being asked?

No transactions = no commissions or assignment fees = NO MONEY!

  • How many properties will agents be selling in THIS environment?
  • How long will this continue?
  • How will you agents be earning commissions when not enough houses can sell?!
  • How will you wholesalers earn fees when you can't get sellers to accept enough of a discount?!
  • What will sellers do if they DON'T sell?
In the shifting market there is significantly fewer closings because homeowners can't afford to leave, much less to buy. Agents' commissions and wholesalers' fees have almost stopped because sales have stopped.

This is a shame, because had they just teamed up with us we could have designed an offer that would have worked and the agent and/or wholesaler would have closed on their transactions and gotten paid. Most sellers, as you know, are currently either in denial or want what they can't get. . . Or can they?

Agents and wholesalers working with us are transacting

Yes, even in this challenging market. That's because they are bringing their difficult situations to us, and we are collaborating to close on such property, and taking commissions even when they don't have the listing - But it didn't start out like that. While there are limits, we are buying property all over the US, ESPECIALLY IN FLORIDA, at higher prices then what a seller is able to get in the open market. But how? Read on.

What if working with us actually BOOSTED your income in a shifting or in a stable market?

  • Double-siding many commissions
  • Making more money per transaction in general
  • Helping an otherwise unqualified buyer purchase a home
  • Helping a seller transact when they didn't even have enough money to close
  • Successfully closing on a transaction you would have otherwise lost
  • Saving a family from bankruptcy and earning fees or commissions
  • Saving someone tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes while earning fees or commissions

Many agents have already given up, and now work a 9-5 job

The remaining are losing the opportunities to sell what they have listed because buyers are unable to buy at the current prices and rates. Most agents are not even getting listings. Others are ending up with a thankless rental commission when the seller decides to lease their place instead!

While we can't collaborate with every agent, we can definitely work with a few

We have the capacity to work with 30 agents across Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. For more detail about this collaborative program and the opportunity to overcome the challenges in the current market and earn commissions, lets schedule a time to share what we are doing, and how we can work together to make this challenging year one of the most successful years of your career.

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