LegalShield & IDShield

How do we reasonably protect our interests, identity, and finances when:
  • disputes related to products and services, fraud, identity theft, and contracts are all at an all-time high
  • quality, obligation, and accountability are all at an all-time low
These challenges are unavoidable and it's only a question of when, and the extent to which any will cause havoc.

Disputes and crime are inevitable, yet they are also inexpensively preventable and resolvable.

How do you handle this?

  • Some product or service you bought does not reasonably meet its promise or won't honor its policy or guarantee
  • Your identity used to make unauthorized bank withdrawals, balance transfers, and purchases
  • Outrageous medical bills or unexpected charges
  • Crypto currency audits
  • Overly aggressive or unjust traffic tickets
  • Disgruntled individuals spreading misinformation, slandering, or divulging your personal data on social media
  • You got hacked while working from home
  • A tradeperson you hired didn't complete their work or delivered a substandard result.
  • An individual who is harassing or stalking you
  • Being falsely being accused of negligence, damage, or destruction of property.
  • A state or federal tax authority letter trying to unjustly collect from you

  • Address
  • Bank Account
  • Birth Certificate
  • Cell Phone Account
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Computer/Laptop
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Date of Birth
  • Driver's License
  • Electronic Device
  • Email Account
  • Insurance Account
  • Investment Account
  • IRS Account
  • Loan
  • Medicaid/Medicare
  • Medical Insurance
  • Military ID
  • Name
  • Non-Medical Insurance
  • Online Login
  • Passport
  • Personal Information
  • Prescription
  • Smart Phone/Tablet
  • Social Media Account
  • Social Security Number/Card
  • Stimulus Payment
  • Student Loan
  • Tax Documents
  • Unemployment Account
  • Username/Password
  • Utility Account
  • Vehicle Registration
  • W-2 Documents
  • Welfare

  • Someone opened up 10 credit lines in my name with department stores across the US and purchased electronics. We had to get proof, call around, submit letters, chase people down, correspond with credit companies and authorities.
  • A hired contractor stopped returning my calls, and disappeared with my deposit without finishing
  • I get phishing emails and messages every day through email, apps, and my phone.
  • A hospital invented charges from a medical visit that did not exist
  • Someone copied my photo and information, and then used it for months to impersonate me and defraud dozens of consumers of rent deposits.
  • A website developer tried to keep my deposit even though he did not do any work
  • Someone tried to hack into my laptop and threaten me with ransomware

Until Legalshield/IDshield there was no reasonable recourse

Most of the problems took months to resolve, I lost a lot of money, I was unable to work productively, I could never reach the right people, neither the BBB nor the police were able to help. I had no one to represent me or even send a letter, I had to accept losses, and the problems were taking valuable time from my work and family. Attorneys were $300/hr but I could not even get one to call me back.

These events consume your time, your finances, and your peace of mind, and if you don't have a solution I hope you have either an attorney in the family who has the time and inclination to help you pro-bono, a reserve of cash, or insurance to cover the damages, costs, and time.

Your day will come too! None of us will evade these problems 100% of the time, and without recourse events like these can seriously disrupt your life, hurt you financially, sabotage your business, and potentially shut you down.

Your inexpensive, personal and/or professional subscription-based legal defense and identity resolution team*

As seen in:

  • Debt collection
  • Contract & document review
  • Disputes with contractors, suppliers, vendors, or customers
  • Liability issues
  • HR, employee, contractor related matters
  • Tax questions & audits
  • Identity protection & resolution
  • Online reputation management
*Can also cover family members and dependents. Some states have specific restrictions and requirements.


Subscription Legal Services

$29.95/m - Personal disputes with businesses and agencies


Disputes with aggressive vendors, DMV, IRS and credit, and simple estate and domestic issues.
  • Consultative Calls and letters to the extent necessary to adequately advise and 1 hour of legal research concerning the matter
  • 1 letter or phone call on your behalf provided for each unrelated personal legal matter


  • 1 personal legal document of 15 pages or less
  • Exclusions: No ongoing court proceedings or lawsuits, Revisions or amendments to, or negotiations of, the documents reviewed

ESTATE PLANNING - create, review, amend

  • Last Will & Testament (“Will”)
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Physician's Directive/Living Will
  • Exclusions: No estate planning services - Planning for estate taxes, distribution of any assets outside of the US and trusts


  • Exclusions: No review of the abstract or the preparation of a title opinion

FAMILY & DOMESTIC RELATED - Only uncontested acts

  • Only uncontested acts: legal separation, civil annulment, divorce, adoption, name change
  • You must be an active member for a minimum 90 days

MOTOR VEHICLE RELATED – defense, <$5k damage, and reinstatement

  • Exclusions: No matters without a valid license, matters in which it is alleged that the Covered Person is under the influence of or impaired by the use of controlled substances, hit-and-run, misdemeanor or felony criminal charges matters involving a commercial vehicle,


  • 1 civil action per membership year
  • 1st Membership Year: 60 hours of Trial Time, of which 2.5 hours may be used for Pre-Trial Time (increases with tenure)
  • Trial Time is limited to 8hrs (see detail)
  • Exclusions: No criminal, civil actions related to IRS, bankruptcy, domestic related issues, garnishment, attachment, collection, appeal, or any other post judgment relief action, allegations of dependency on, or abuse of controlled substances, dispute resolution processes outside of a court of law,


  • You must have been notified by the IRS regarding an audit, investigation, or examination of their personal tax return
  • 50 hours per year only for same year tax returns
  • Exclusions: No pre-existing Events, Tax fraud or income tax evasion, trust returns, business and/or corporate related tax returns



Subscription Addons

a-la-carte additional services to the subscription plan

Business Supplement - $14.95/month

  • Unlimited Consultation - Get phone consultations with an attorney on an unlimited number of business topics and up to one hour of legal research per topic. Includes pre-existing situations.
  • IRS Audit Services - Access legal services for IRS audits of your personal federal tax return that include business items on Schedule C and Schedule E.
  • Document Review - Submit up to 4 business documents per month. Your attorney will review them and provide advice. Each document can be up to 25 pages.
  • Letters and Phone Calls - Have your attorney write letters or make phone calls on your behalf up to 12 times per year. Get one follow-up letter or call on each of the 12 different legal issues addressed.
  • Collection Letters - Your attorney can prepare up to 4 collection letters per month on their firm letterhead to recover debts owed to your business.
  • Anything not covered - 25% off

Trial Defense Supplement - $14.95/month

  • Attorney Representation - Your membership includes representation by your attorney if you or your spouse is named a defendant in a civil suit.
  • Unlimited Consultation - You get phone consultations with an attorney on an unlimited number of personal legal issues. Includes pre-existing conditions.
  • Pre-Trial Hours - You will get 25 additional pre-trial hours for each year of your membership through your 5th year.
  • Trial Hours - You will get 75 additional trial hours for each year of your membership through your 5th year.
  • Anything not covered - 25% off

Gun Owner Supplement (Must be 18) - $14.95/month

  • Advice - You get unlimited phone consultation with an attorney regarding any issues related to using or carrying firearms.
  • Emergency Access - You can speak with your attorney immediately after the use of a firearm to stop a threat, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Trial Defense Services - Get up to 60 hours of trial defense services if you are named in a covered criminal or civil lawsuit arising from a firearm incident.
  • NFA Trust Services - You receive one NFA Gun Trust in your state of residence, prepared by your attorney each year for a flat fee of $250.
  • Anything not covered - 25% off

Ride Share Delivery Supplement - $14.95/month

  • Attorney Representation - Your membership includes representation by a provider if you are named a defendant in a civil suit.
  • Accidents and Vehicle Damage - If the vehicle you depend on to earn a living is damaged by a passenger or other third party, you get up to 2.5 hours for your attorney to consult with you, conduct research and review documents relating to recovering damages (up to $5,000).
  • Moving Violations - Have a provider represent and defend you in court for moving violations related to accidents that occur.
  • Phone Consultation - Receive phone consultation on an unlimited number of legal matters.
  • IRS Audit Services - Receive legal services if audited by the IRS on your personal tax return for issues related to your ride share and delivery income.
  • Anything not covered - 25% off

Identity Protection

4 options from $14.95/month - $34.95/month


  1. IDShield Individual 1 Bureau - $14.95/month
  2. IDShield Individual 3 Bureau - $19.95/month
  3. IDShield Family 1 Bureau - $29.95/month
  4. IDShield Family 3 Bureau - $34.95/month


  • Unlimited Recover & Restore Guarantee - They don't give up until your identity is restored. Our industry-leading Licensed Private Investigators will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to help recover and restore your identity to its pre-theft status.
    • Live Member Support with 24/7 Emergency Assistance- Speak with live member support from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday. Our Identity Theft Specialists are available 24/7 for covered emergencies. In the event of an identity theft emergency, IDShield provides 24/7/365, live support when you need it most.
    • Dedicated Licensed Private Investigators with Full-Service Restoration - The certification status of our team of experienced Licensed Private Investigators gives them access to exclusive databases to help identify and respond to identity threats. If your identity is stolen, one of our investigators will be directly assigned to you throughout the life of the case.

      If an identity theft event does occur, our Licensed Private Investigators will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to restore your identity to its pre-theft status. The investigator will work on your behalf to resolve the issue by contacting the appropriate government agencies, financial institutions, credit bureaus, and collection agencies. Our Licensed Private Investigators keep restoration cases open 120 days after resolution to ensure that you have not been targeted again.
  • Virtual Private Network Internet Connection(VPN) - Full anonymity (no location or online activity tracking) and privacy protection anywhere you connect, including hotels, cafes, offices, and schools through encrypted communications provided by Trend Micro’s VPN Proxy One. Filters help block malicious websites, online fraud, and internet scams.
  • Cloud-based AI malware protection and Password Manager - technology offered by Trend Micro delivers highly effective and proactive protection against ever-evolving malware.
  • Monitoring of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
    • On Dark Web - Scans online sources for your personal information.
    • On Social Media - Scans social media platform monitoring like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram for information that may put your privacy at risk (ex: home address, email address, date of birth and Social Security)
    • Financial Account Monitoring - Alerts on financial withdrawals, balance transfers and large purchases on financial accounts for transactions made in excess of a set monetary amount. Includes checking, savings, 401k accounts, loans and more.
    • Continuous Credit Monitoring - Your TransUnion (One-Bureau Plan) or Experian, TransUnion and Equifax (Three Bureau Plan) credit reports are monitored. If changes or inquiries occur, you’ll receive an instant alert. Keep an eye on changes to your credit score with a 12-month historic view of your credit trends. An IDShield Licensed Private Investigator will assist with placing a credit freeze and/or fraud alert on your credit reports in the event of a breach or other identity theft incident. Monitors for hard credit report inquiries that show up when your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is used on applications for bank/credit cards or loans. Monitors the largest proprietary database of new account application data (high risk) to detect potentially fraudulent accounts during the initial application process, allowing fraud detection earlier than traditional credit monitoring services.
    • Reputation Management, Analysis and Reporting - Scans and scores your social media accounts for existing content that could be damaging to your online reputation.
    • Address Change Monitoring - IDShield monitors your home address with the United States Postal Service and sends an alert if a change of address has been requested.
    • Court Records Monitoring- Searches online court records for different PII elements. Millions of criminal records are searched across local, state and federal data sources including county courts, Department of Corrections, Administration of the Courts and other legal agencies to see if your personal information has been used.
    • Minor Child Monitoring* - With the IDShield Family Plan, we’ll monitor up to 10 dependent children under the age of 18. You will receive an alert if your child’s SSN is used to create any new accounts or included in credit applications, loans, court documents, etc.
      *Available in Family Plans Only
    • Sex Offender Monitoring - Your home address is monitored and you'll get an alert if a registered sex offender moves into your neighborhood. Search for sex offenders within an adjustable radius of your home address, see details of those sex offenders, and receive alerts when new sex offenders move in.
    • Medical Data Reports - Offers a link to medical data reports that you can review for inaccurate or fraudulent information.
    • Telecom Monitoring - Monitors more than 1.5 million phone records to ensure that your phone number is not being redirected.


Subscription Legal Services

3 Options from $49.00/m - $169/m

(1) SMB Local Me, LLC (DBA keepmovin)

$49.00/m - 2 Users phone consultations in-state only

  • Monthy - 5 collection notices or calls on your behalf
  • Annually
    • 10 legal matter letters or calls on your behalf
    • Review of 10 business documents of up to 15 pages
    • Five 30-minute consultative calls

25% discount on legal services not included


(2) SMB Aggressive Inter-State Startup

$99.00/m - 3 users limited interstate services

  • Unlimited phone consultations on business matters
  • Monthy - 10 collection notices or calls on your behalf
  • Annually
    • 20 legal matter letters or calls on your behalf
    • Review of 20 business documents of up to 20 pages
    • 1 copyright or trademark filing and $500 per additional
    • Five 30-minute consultative calls
    • 25 hours of IRS audit assistance
    • 2.5 hours of IRS audit assistance initial representation

25% discount on legal services not included

$250 to draft or edit a custom contract of up to 25 pages


(3) SMB Growth - bigger ocean, bigger fish

$169.00/m - 5 users

  • Unlimited phone consultations on business matters
  • Monthy - 15 collection notices or calls on your behalf
  • Annually
    • 40 legal matter letters or calls on your behalf
    • Review of 40 business documents of up to 25 pages
    • 1 copyright or trademark filing and $250 per additional
    • Five 30-minute consultative calls
    • 50 hours of IRS audit assistance
    • 5 hours of IRS audit assistance initial representation

25% discount on legal services not included

$250 to draft or edit a custom contract of up to 25 pages


Subscription Addons

$14.95 a-la-carte additional services to the subscription plan

Trial Defense Supplement - $14.95/month

  • Attorney Representation - when small business named defendant in a covered civil lawsuit.
  • Pre-Trial Hours - 25 pre-trial hours/year of your membership (conferences, depositions, motions, briefs etc).
  • Trial Hours - 75 trial hours/year of your membership.
  • Anything not covered - 25% off

Business Plus Supplement $ 14.95

  • Support Ticket-style Business Consultations Submit question and answered in 3 days or less regarding: tax, accounting, HR, marketing, technology, finance
  • CRM Tools Hubspot CRM license
  • Business Form Library Download and create vital legal forms including contract agreements, confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements, non-competes
  • Website Builder Launch a professional website with e-commerce integration with no hosting and maintenance fees.

Launch your business

$145 - Business Formation & Registration

Business Formation & Registration (entrepreneurs) - $145 one time cost

  • Determine the appropriate structure and entity (LLC, Corp, PA etc)
  • Verify business name availability and secure it
  • Form and register your business correctly to assure protection of your personal assets, be able to ability to open bank accounts and lines of credit, and be prepared for entering into contracts, hiring employees, and getting business licenses and permits.
  • File correct documentation to receive your Employer Identification Number (EIN) Federal Tax Identifier for tax purposes. Assistance opening up accounts and lines of credit. Receive 3 months of LegalShield’s personal legal plan plus the home business supplement.

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