That patron is smiling...but I promise you the owner is NOT!

Credit card fees are an unrelenting source of loss and pain for business owners in the modern economy. It's so complicated to understand, that more than 90% of merchants have room for savings in the realm of thousands per month - but they don't know that.

Are you not tired of looking over your shoulder all year - every year?

Your business's hard earned money is being chipped away unnoticed, little by little, transaction by transaction, month by month, by the dozens of sources that partcipate in your card processing service.

You may have even educated yourself on credit card processing to the extent that you could become a consultant, and yet you still would not have the time, resources or tools to monitor or prevent these companies from inventing and adding new fees, passing on new costs, or changing rates unbeknownst to you.

There are:
  • more than 600 interchange rates - which ones are you paying?
  • changes in regulatory fees. Which ones have your processing company passed on to you in whole or in part?
  • new technologies and services being added and removed from the process. Who is absorbing those fees

The solution: Credit processor monitoring services

It's like the Foxwell car diagnostic tool, except its for business owners and the complex system of merchant transaction services. It knows when there has been a change, where there are opportunities for savings, and how to identify and cut out bogus charges immediately.

Its also risk free, because:
  • you dont pay anything unless you actually save at least $1200/month
  • there are no upfront costs
  • you don't have to change from your current processing company
Even $500/week is a full time employee. Recoup what you've been losing and start putting your hard earned revenue where its going to GROW your business.

The catch

Our service has to dig into 3 detailed transaction statements to determine how much you can recoup. You could be among the 8% that for whatever reason have nothing left to save. Whatever you do save, you split with the monitoring service.

  • Free audit of charges with no obligation or committment
  • No required changing of providers
  • Your business splits negotiated savings with the monitoring service
  • Any qualified business shall receive $500 if no savings can be achieved

Yes, my business processes atleast $30,000 in consumer charges monthly. Give me my FREE AUDIT with NO OBLIGATION and determine how much money I can recoup every month

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