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The one easy way to become worth 50 percent more than you are now — at least — is to hone your communication skills — both written and verbal. If you want to get ahead, focus on your communication skills.
The "Authentic Voice Bootcamp" is an intensive online course over across six 1.5 hour sesions for business owners, professionals, students, and anyone who faces and interacts with decision makers and influencers. It dramatically raises closure and referral rates and leaves those with whom you are interacting open to your thoughts, suggestions, recommendations, and guidance.

Here is what we're ALL

If you have read up to this point, then you are among the few who realize that our personal and financial success is directly tied into our ability to leave others comfortable being influenced by us.

Yet the opportunities to connect with new prospects, (even existing ones), have never been more complicated and elusive when attempting to make contact by phone, in person, and through messages (email, text, chat):
  • Growing restrictions in the modern business environment: New laws, greater enforcement, new technology and artificial intelligence that blocks communications, and now physical distance because of Covid, have all interfered with our ability to prospect.
  • Pronounced resistance to any form of interraction: Abuse of technology by salespeople and marketers has collectively "trained" the public to instantly recognize and ignore their self-serving, impersonal, invasive and disingenuous mass communications efforts.
  • Heightened state of distraction and overload: Attention spans are at an alltime low while anxiety is at an alltime high from the relentless disruption of peace and privacy from media, communication, compressed and accelerated time schedules, rigid and risky compliance, the care, development and management of our children, and the growing necessity of a two-parent income. We are at out limit!
Knowing this, how easy is it to get your message across, and how important do you think it now is to make the most out of each and every interaction?

It is for these reasons that you need the new set of skills which:

  • Ultimately separate you authentically from the noise of your competition
  • Secure attention
  • Earn trust and confidence
  • Convey unshakable confidence, authority, and expertise that customers perceive and gravitate towards
  • Impact not only your income, but your relationships, and your immediate and long term future.

It is that set of skills you will gain from The Authentic Voice Bootcamp

So do you want more opportunities, income, and customers now, or would you prefer to continue giving them away to your competition?

How the discovery of the learnings in this course impacted me

Today my awareness, intention, and use of words are so aligned, genuine, and impactful that any real leads convert, and my referral flow multiplies yearly - no matter what kind of market I am in.

The evidence of how well this approach works is not only in my business, but in my personal life as well:
  • My kids listen to me (I listen to them) and are open to follow my lead
  • I am able to get people engaged from almost any state of mind
  • I can turn around some of the most difficult situations and exchanges

My interactions are natural, spontaneous, and above all genuine and unique to me. All of this has additionally strengthened my marketing, which in turn has made prospecting and conversion not only easier, but has fundamentally changed the influence and success I have both professionally and personally.

But it was not always like this...

Just five years ago I was completely exasperated. Unlike most business owners I was actually “doing all of the right things”: prospecting daily, following up on a system, sending emails and cards that had high open rates and frequently received responses, meeting prospects personally, and time blocking.

The work was being done, leads were being generated, the pipeline was growing, and scripts were memorized, practiced, and used. Yet when customers were finally ready to take action somehow I would inevitably lose the opportunity, and all of that time and work would disappear into the ether.

It was insane

I burned out. Then got a coach with money I didn’t have and soon fired him after the 3rd time he told me “I don’t know what it is”. The effort it took to close any sale was like trying to make orange juice from rinds.

But wait, there’s more

Years of punishing financial hardships contributed to the end of my marriage of 16 years, forcing me to reevaluate who I was, what was important, start all over and completely reinvent myself. To say I was “desperate” would be like describing 2008 as “challenging”.

Like many of us I also had a dream of owning a thriving business that could support my family from the present into the future, that could give me freedom, and that would allow me to grow personally. I had so much time, training, and experience invested in my business that I just refused to give up. After all, what would the alternative be?

One day out of the blue

You know when you are pouring yourself into trying to figure something out, and it's only when you get distracted and do something else that suddenly the solution appears? It was like that when I realized what the missing thing was that I had to master if I was to change the course of my experience.

I remember the day, at an all-time personal low, because it was then that I made the decision to focus on what ultimately was the single thing responsible for turning around my success forever, and putting my business on the fast track. I’ll share what that was with you in a minute.

Today can't even compare to how things had been

The confidence, potential, and growing success I have today is nothing like the sheer exhaustion, frustration, disappointment and defeat I experienced before. I am able to disarm the most aggressive conversations and turn them around. Business and opportunities gravitate towards me, and I earn the trust of those around me.

Most importantly, the people with whom I work are open to taking my direction because they implicitly know that I am listening to them, have their interests at heart, and are confident that I can actually help them. I am so grateful to have made the decisions that allowed me to set myself up for the success I have today, which has made me wealthier, a better parent, a better son and friend, a better musician, a better cook, and has given me the ongoing promise of an abundant future.

The Authentic Voice Bootcamp

A 3 week intensive online course focused on helping you learn and successfully use "Empathetic Validation & Inquirey", a natural, authentic, non-scripted framework of communicating with customers that heightens rapport, trust, confidence, and leaves customers (and also family), validated, empowered, and receptive to your influence.

This unique approach to communication breaks through the noise, strengthens relationships in both your business and personal life, and delivers opportunities to YOU instead of your competition. Influencers will raise their response, conversion, and referral rates

What it IS NOT

  • There is no mechanical memorization or regurgitation of lines
  • There is no manipulative convincing strategies or "hard-close" talk
  • There are no set ups or techniques to trick someone

What it IS

  • A mindset (first and foremost) that lets others know that what you are doing is in their interest not yours
  • An energy that is sincere, genuine and influencing because it silently transmits your authentic intent
  • An awareness that makes you more sensitive to perceiving someones state and reaction
  • A style that distinguishes you from any other competing professional, using your own personal experiences, authentic expressions and stories in communication.
  • An approach that relies on your conscious choice of words, tone, speed, volume, and silence, because they all affect us.
  • A context you create that permits those with whom you are interacting to be open to your ideas
  • A new perspective that impacts the quality of the conversations and relationships you have in business, coleagues, family, and friends.

Peek into the Agenda

  • Day 1 - Mindset. You uncover unique information about YOU that customers want to know, which shows up, (whether you like it or not), in your thoughts, actions, efforts, and communication. You then understand the single focus where your attention must be, and practice how to consciously arrive there and maintain it so that the words you use naturally reflect that perspective. Then you will become aware of, and learn to address the 2 obstacles that derail most interractions. We end the session with what you must remember to address before the conclusion of your conversations.
  • Day 2 - After reviewing day 1 you work on awareness of sound. You will connect emotion and perception with the tone, speed, volume, space, and choice of words we use. With your mindset in place you will first analyze a specific opening delivery phrase, practice it, and upload a recording of it, then establish a few different ways to open a conversation in your OWN unique way using the same elements. You will practice an exercise called “DA-Da-da”, using your voice and one of your arms, that will help you stay conscious of your tone, (this helps those of us who struggle with tone and rhythm).
  • Day 3 (brief) - Response. After reviewing previous days we will work on identification and conscious avoidance of subversive words, and analyze greetings and responses that either help or hurt.
  • Day 4 (brief) - Conversation control. After reviewing previous days we will work on how to establish and maintain control. Some students will take the "hot seat" to serve as examples =)
  • Day 5 (brief) - Questions for uncovering state, objective and getting clarification. After reviewing previous days we will work on using better questions that result in better answers. We will discuss and address different personality types and question formulation
  • Day 6 (brief) - Course correction . After reviewing previous days we will work on how to rescue or get back on track from conversations that are going awry. Bonus materials will be presented and practiced.

THIS IS your competitive edge - Every Communication Counts!

Can you keep losing to your competition or to difficult people in your life? I personally think it's the ONLY strategy deigned to address ALL of the challnges we face today, and we are going to share with you how to uncover it for yourself and how to use it to impact your business as well as your personal life.

The course is structured so that the start of each session reviews the concepts of the prior days, and then continues by introducing and focusing on a single new aspect of the framework to make certain you get it. That way, by the end of the session you will have actual results that you can use immediately in the field.

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