Webinar: The 10 critical details when acquiring, owning, and selling property in the US.

Where to start, and how to make the right decisions by understanding the considerations related to visas, ownership, residency, citizenship, work, school, insurance, property, costs, registrations, restrictions, financial risks, rules and responsibilities, moving money, managing at a distance, and liquidation.
The most critical legal, financial, regulatory, contractual, customary, and procedural responsibilities, requirements, and consequences to acquiring and owning property in the US

Your coming a long way

...to commit a large amount of money to gain the benefits you are seeking (expecting) as a property owner in the US. Great! Obviously that decision comes with the risks, responsibiity, and consequences of the chocies you make - whether you made them intentionally, conciously, or not. Hmmm.

We have your answers

Every month we host a free zoom web conference, during which an attorney and an accountant specialized in international tax, estate, and finance, (in your own language) will review what you need to know. It's a much better approach then getting suprised with a huge financial liability because you were not aware or because you took the advice of a "friend" instead of a professional.

Conference Agenda

  • Definitions:What terms you must be familiar with, what they mean, and how they relate to your situation
  • Ownership vs. Visa:How they relate to your particular situation
  • Tax considerations:What you must understand to minimize and avoid
  • Typical mistakes:Risks, actions and exposure that many overlook that catch up with buyers, owners, and sellers
  • Income Tax Treaty Planning:If you work in multipe places you want to minimze the tax an complexity
  • Asset liquidation timing strategies:When to sell stocks, bonds etc. to have the least financial impact
  • Entity selection:Risks, benefits, restrictions, requirements, differences
  • Current issues to follow:Short term rentals, proposed changes to the tax code, etc.
  • New Construction purchases: phases, and what can happen, stipulations commonly in new construction contracts
  • Strategies for maintaining privacy:Your information, where it can appear, how to control where it is seen
  • Strategies for transferring money:Some transfers can actually be taxable if not done correctly

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