We are parents.....above all.

Most of us feel this way - everything else is secondary. In fact, many of us are even parents to our own parents! We know you want to do everything you can for your family....and we want to help.

Some of us are having a harder time

And we want to change that, make it easier for you, and help you and your family have a much easier, less stressful, and more fulfilling day-to-day. That's why we developed the mobile app you will be learning about below, so that we can be a part of elevating your quality of life and the quality of life of all of our children. Here is some background on what it is about and how it will help.

A few years back

I had a real estate customer who was an entrepreneur from Brazil with 2 young sons and one was on the spectrum. They never lived in the US, didn’t speak English, had no idea how to go about restarting, and I had to get them a house, schools, and all kinds of services one 9 yr old non-spectrum son and one 6 yr old on the spectrum whose verbal was only in Portugues.

I ended up with

a ton of names and resources and realized someone else would need this. The family was super grateful and I put all of what I discovered into a document.

Sure enough a few months later I was helping another family from Rhode Island, another from Oklahoma, and another in Miami. The document was getting big and was no longer easy to find anything anymore.

I realized that if I didn’t coral all of this information into a single easy place for parents to use it would be useless to everyone.

What I started seeing

was that no one ever knew what resources there were, if they were any good or bad for a particular need or situation. No one knew where anything was, and how are you going to find something in a 5 year list of Facebook posts (and who knows to even look there).

Moms and Dads wanted to do anything

to get their child into the best developmental environment as soon as possible, but where the hell do you find the best places?! What do things cost?!

Everyone is constantly struggling to determine what the choices are, where are the choices, and how much does it all cost – because parents will move if they can move. We know many can’t.

So I created an online directory for parents to find what they needed (now in redevelopment)

It's like Yelp for the Autism community on a mobile website that shows you where things are based on a map. Just use 2 fingers to move the map location to anywhere in the US where you can search and filter by schools, grants, scholarships, therapy, entertainment, learning, art, music, doctors, sports, camps etc. The resources can be located anywhere in the US but we are focused on Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach

My group at Keller Williams is sponsoring the platform

It’s all upbeat, fun, helpful, and gets you in touch with your options immediately, and we have support in each one of the thousands of offices we have across the US

I Know you are a private bunch

AND YET there are more and more families coming into this experience - it's become common and OTHER parents also need help.

  • Don’t the experiences of families with an older child benefit families of a younger child?
  • Couldn’t another family benefit from your experience? After all they are right behind you and you are behind others who are in front of you.
  • Don’t YOU want to benefit from THEIR experiences?

The app is made up of these services:

  • The Directory – physical resources of all types with an address that have ratings and can be viewed on a map nationwide
  • Websites – like the directory but these resources have no physical location
  • The Knowledge Base – collection of questions that parents want to know and the answers to those questions, all provided by parents and families
  • Events – (Self explanatory)
  • Advocacy – a tool to facilitate participating members to self-organize in order to petition, influence changes to policies, benefits, and plan events
  • Jobs (coming soon) - employment opportunities for parents and family members
  • Non-Hippa document storage (coming soon) - Centrally store and share digital information with service providers

How participation in the Autism Directory App benefits the families

  • Find services and resources proximate to where you spend your time.
  • Gain access to more up-to-date and reliable information because the website is managed by the same large audience that is utilizing it (participant/managers far outweigh any potential group employed by a resource-limited non-profit.)
  • Help YOUR OWN family by helping to increase involvement of other parents ahead of you who are critical to making the best decisions now as well as in the future
  • Help OTHER parents behind you who are having the experience you just went through by Participating, (entering questions/answers, and rating the resources that you have specifically used)
  • Help Middle and High school students earn their required community service credits AT HOME by working on the app, helping the community, and learning valuable leadership, management, organizational, and technology skills.
  • Direct $1000 in Donated Funds from our group (at the close of any transaction that you referred or completed with us), to an autism non-profit organization anywhere in the US
  • Gain Access to local events we sponsor for participating members, such as “date night” for parents, and other similar activities.

Everyone wins

Thats our busines model. Its also our personal recipe. Anyone can structure an effort in which only some benefit. It's much harder to develop an effort where multiple parties engage and prosper.

We could use your help

and actually we need the help of ANY parent - especially those with kids whose school requires community service hours in order to graduate. (our webapp has been approved for community service credits in a number of districts (you can seek approval from your own district wherever you may be) We are looking for non-monetary resources to enrich the information we have and work with moms and dads to provide better assistance.

Each family has their own unique combination of issues which means that for this app to be useful it requires a large amount of participation (sharing, integrating and exchanging)

Who we are looking for

Moms, dads, sisters, cousins, friends, retirees, employed, middle-schoolers, high-schoolers, college, graduate, doctorate, neighbors, co-workers

What we want you to do

We are looking for local leaders: people to influence parents to input detail and rate resources related to their experiences. Without a robust set of information, the app cannot help families enough.

While we are already in 30 cities we want to strengthen the South Florida group and make a really big impact on parents and families in the Autism community here.

Send us referrals so we can give some of it back

If you know of anyone buy or selling a property ANYWHERE, and I mean ANYWHERE, we will take $1000 from closing and write a check to ANY Autism non-profit that you direct us to reimburse, and you don't even have to have a member of your family in the Autism community.

See what Rutgers University said about the initiative

Rutgers Univeristy generously donated students from their interactive department to complete research and develop the interface for the app.

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