Marketing for sale

Pay for a preliminary inspection

  • Inspect your own house before the buyer does. Avoid a surprise that leads to a renegotiation where you have to credit tens of thousands of your dollars.
  • Use the results to create an exhaustive list of everything found that might need attention

Complete a "Home Audit"

    Have your agent identify and make a list of issues inside and outside of the property, that can affect both the perception of value as well as the actual value.

    Estimate the costs and time to address, repair, or replace. Prioritize the list with your agent based on impact, benefit, cost and risk.

Determine what needs attention & Make any repairs

  • Prioritize the items that needed attention in the preliminary inspection and Home Audit reports, and base priority on 2 factors:
    • The impact they will have when you are listed
    • The financial cost
  • Factor in the "minimally required" issues first, (there are minimal levels of things that when absent are very damaging, like "visibly hygienic", when we are talking about how people live). Then add the "prioritized" issues
  • Commit to fixing the "minimally required" and then move on to each successive priority determining when your are at a crossroads, financially, of getting "marginal returns".

Contact us for a referral to a handyman or specifc trade person

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Cleanup, De-Clutter and Stage

  • Goal is clean, simple, attractive. Follow our guide on getting your property into "presentation condition"
  • Get it looking great: Doors, floors, wood ,tile, grout, walls and windows (inside and out), screens, ceilings, shelves, fans, lights, appliances, equipment. CLEAN ALL OF IT!!!! No buyer is attracted to a home that gives the appearance that it has not been cared for.
  • Remove extra stuff: photos, tchotchkes, unused or throw out furniture, plants, kitchen tools, containers, and utensils
  • Move things around - make the place seem new, fresh. Exchange some framed pictures with others for a more consistent effect

Gather information

How do you, the owner, enjoy the property:
  • What can you do there?
  • Whats it close to?
  • What do you love about it?
  • What are some of the great things that the house has/offers?
  • Whats the best thing about living there?
  • What would you do to make it better?

Create & Prepare Marketing Material

  • Differentiate with high quality photos
  • Complete the Seller Marketing Profile
  • Segment email recipients
  • Segment phone targets

Aggregate, Qualify & Match through our “Adaptive Marketing System (AMS)”

  • The results of the marketing efforts feed directly into our AMS system, a unique process and technology that reduces the pool of prospects into those who have the capacity, interest, and immediacy to buy your property
  • Leads, responses, and interactions across email, chat, phone, and in person meetings all get vetted, rated, and receive appropriate responses efficiently

Maximize Exposure & Demand

  • Mass Syndication of Listing across websites nationwide/worldwide
  • Direct Marketing & Outbound calling of contacts to:
    • neighbors and similar communities
    • those who expressed an interest in buying
    • those who may know of someone interested in buying
  • Inbound Prospect Generation from:
    • social media
    • partners
    • sponsors
    • co-advertisers

Research, Inquire, Negotiate Research

Once we have definitively interested parties we complete some research so we can know more about who we are working with and what latent options we may have.
  • If they are a litigating attorney we know how to negotiate with him/her
  • If they have similar backgrounds we can appeal to our commonality to gain flexibility
  • If they are older they may need time to move, which can be used as a trading of terms or price during negotiation
  • If the buyer is selling their house and they are stressed about it some flexibility can be negotiated to make them more comfortable in exchange for a benefit


If you have taken all of our advice you will be in the best position possible to negotiate.
  • Many objectionable issues can be handled up front during the effort to improve presentation
  • Multiple interested parties create alternatives and a potential price increase
  • Flexibility in the transition can provide benefits financially and otherwise
  • Being respectful and professional to all involved reduces risk and increases success because everyone is happy to work things out with those who are reasonable, credible, serious, and flexible.
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