Verified South Florida Covid Testing Sites Map

It's free anyway and regularly updated, which is why it does require you to create an account and be logged in (you can register or login below). Once available and stable we will be adding vaccine locations.

Without our map... will enjoy the high-risk exposure, aggravation, wasted time, and additional expense of driving 10 - 40 miles just to discover:
You will be in a line in the sun or in your car for hours
they won't test your 12 year old because he doesn't meet their age requirement
The place is crowded with infected people
They don't offer the specific test you need
They can't provide the results when you need them
They don't take insurance and you dont want to have to pay cash
The site isn't open that day or during the hours you were available
They tell you your test requires a Dr. note
No appointments available (you have to register ahead of time)
They wont take a group

Are you about to travel, alone, in a group, or will you have visitors?

A test may be required to board a boat pr plane, or you may want to take a test before visiting someone or being visited. You OK with missing your flight?

You could always try to go to the free public testing locations in the parking lot at the malls, parks or universities where lines are long while you wait forever standing out in the sun or in a car line stretching around the block, there are no appointments, people are sick or infected and in close proximity, they may not test your child under a certain age, and I could go on.

Without our map...

Want to get the results when you need them without the added risk, exposure, aggravation, time, and additional expense?

We did all of the work for you!

We went and called, and emailed and asked questions and verified all of the locations, prices, services, hours of operation, requirements, and even the phone numbers and appointment links (though we can't force them to answer the phone or properly manage their operations, appointemnts, or website).

Here's what people are doing without access to our map

  • First you just go to the testing site that someone you know mentioned was "free" in the parking lot of a mall, university or civic location: After waiting 5 hours you find that your little ones cant be tested, or the only test they have for non-symptomatic people is the one with a high probability of false negative (it's free - what do you expect)
  • Then you look on facebook to ask questions and get advice from people who have no idea whats going on, you search on Google, or just start driving to a location: What you dont yet realize is there are details and restrictions
    • Crowded: You're in a line or an area with a lot of potentially sick or infected people
    • Getting information: You call but no one answers, it's disconnected, it just hangs up, you're on hold forever, you're stuck in "Marque dos para Ingles", or they don't call back
    • Appointments: Testing there is booked for the following X weeks foward, or the specific test you need they don't offer, or the website where you have to make an appointment is broken
    • Availability: The testing site is not open that day, or at that hour. and they may not be offering a covid test at all
    • Prerequisites: They requires you to have symptoms to be tested, or they require that you NOT have symptoms, or they require a Dr's note, or they won't test you child if they don't meet their age requirement
    • Test Results: You don't know which facilities offer same day testing, the type of testing you require, or if they are testing Covid at all.
    • Healthcare plan: They don't accept healthcare and you want to test your whole family ($$$$)
    • Groups: They can't test you as a group or provide results at the same time (for trips or travel), or they don't offer regular testing or any price break on regular testing.
    • You miss your flight/trip: If you need a certificate showing you have been covid free for X days to get on a plance, then you need to find a testing facility that provides you with the right information.
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