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Want to increase your rental's bookings and occupancy?

AirBNB or non-AirBNB, as a property owner that has a referral relationship with Realplaces your rental will exist in a trusted, pre-filtered list for our other referring affiliates to engage first and directly. Our system allows you to get you properties "out front", share, and promote them to our other customers and affiliates, (at no cost).

How do you do that?

We are connected with national professional networks (agencies and professionals) who prefer NOT to:
  • Be involved with, or divert their time and effort to assisting picky customers with accomodations
  • Leave their customers frustrated on their own, trying to figure out where the right, nicest, closest, place to stay might be with enough beds and the right amenities
  • be exposed to the financial, logistical, and reputational risks of their customers missing a date or deadline
Instead of having to peruse through hundreds of possibilities and guessing of its in a safe location or has the right size and amenities, or if there is any flexibility in availability, we reduce the pool to a smaller, vetted, and focused subset of rentals owned by people who we know (like a spotlight) and add our own "Florida oriented" tags which are more precise so its easier to identify whether its on the beach, downtown, in a community, or if it has a pool.

Palm Beaches, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, the Keys, Bahamas, New York, Colombia, Spain, ANYWHERE you might have a rental.

To remain listed as a preferred rental owners must consistently and reliably maintain their properties in great condition, and we will only list homes that any discerning "American Princess" would love and could never find anything to complain about.(All sumbissions must be approved)

This is a consumer only service. IT IS OBVIOUSLY NOT intended for property owned or listed by licensed real estate agents.

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