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  • Contemporary real estate investor and professional
  • Voted best dad of the year, every year, since 2005
  • Marketing & technology expert
  • Hoagie & Hanks rootbeer expert
  • Consummate negotiator & resourceful problem solver
  • National title holder for best oxtails, marinara, bolognese, Ramen noodles, Babaganouj, and waffles with icecream
  • Passionate advocate for marketing-based business decisions and actions
  • Lifelong musician, loving son, brother, and father
    There is nothing more fascinating to me than connecting people who bring about each others mutual success.
    If you have ever spoken to or met me in person you know exactly what I am talking about. People are like wrapped presents : You don't know what amazing things someone could bring to your life. Through my customers I have broadened my knowledge and deepened my experience to a level that one could not have accomplished otherwise, and I am so very grateful for that.

    Real estate as a profession happens to touch everyone, and as agents we get exposed to a wide range of people and backgrounds. As a profession that permits me to earn a livelihood while simultaneously uncovering an endless flow of learning, business, and personal opportunities for my customers, colleagues, partners and share in their success.
    Some view real estate as "sales work" that results in property or proceeds. I see it as "interpersonal work" that regularly tests, destroys, reconstructs, and reshapes our authentic candor, generosity, and respect.

    Commit to a life of endless self-improvement.

    Considering how little time we have to live, isn't it is obvious that our purpose is to learn as much as we can, be as good as we can be at whatever we do, and help as many people as we can to do the same?
    • From Philadelphia
    • Lived in Manhattan & Brooklyn for 15 years
    • Alumnus University of Pennsylvania
    • MBA Fordham University
    • Musician, chef, cyclist
    • Hablo Español & Falo Português

    About Realplaces

    Coming from technology, you kind of know what's possible.

    Many of us follow tech but dont necessarily do anything with the technology. Or, we may not understand it or know where it fits into what we are facing at the time. For us, it was clear what customers struggled with and what they were all experiencing. As a father of teens there have been opportunities to witness what THEY were doing, how they used technology, what they were experiencing, and what they expected.

    When Netflix came out, for example, it seemed like such an obvious winner

    Especially considering the price. I mean in a society where noone has time, noone is reachable, and everyone has a phone, of course on demand entertainment would become a success. Thats where we are today - noone has any time, you cant reach anyone, and you need to be able to take care of things when YOU have time. Have you thought about who is within the remaining demoraphic that actually has the time and interest in running home to catch a scheduled tv program? =)

    But what about property transactions, usage, and maintenance? How has that chaged? What do people expect TODAY from real estate in this new environment?

    Consumers no longer want to be in the dark, that's for sure. They wanted a better understanding and more control over the big risk they were taking, more transparency, and that also meant access to better information. They wanted to reduce any time or effort, save more money, earn more, be proud of their home, and now, spend more time there.

    But nobody wants to achieve that by having to read a bunch of real estate B.S., so there had to be a better way to transmit what customers wanted in an unintrusive, easy to understand, always available, interesting manner, conveniently in the palm of their hand.

    But there's more: consumers expected the advantages of technology, 24/7 availability, and professionals who were responsive, authentic, intelligent, and successfully protect their interests while navigating through up a complex process in an environment where supply and demand swing like the Phoenix Ride at Busch Gardens. What everyone was clearly sick of was tolerating, paying for, and receiving the substandard results that come from disingenuine, poorly informed, agents who barely worked in any capacity, pushing customers to make multi-hundred-thousand dollar decisions.

    A the time the brand was "Property Under the Palms", swiped from the book "Madness Under The Palms" that came out in 2007 about the historical inner goings on and scandals in high Palm Beach society. I had hired a tech and marketing duo and they were telling me that "Property Under The Palms was too limiting" and "You need something that can cover a broader market".

    One evening after a few shots of Heradura and some lively conversation the name just popped into my head - "Realplaces". It was perfect. It covered the authenticity angle, and the real estate angle. What was missing was the unique "next-generation-ness", the "innovative-ness", the "contemporary-ness", the mix of the traditional with marketing and technology that makes us so unique.

    The marketing people whipped up 8 different designs, every one of which I swear sucked, except for the one that stood out like Richard Simmons at a Tough Mudder convention. Thats the one that hit the nail on the head, the rainbowy icon you see above. It called out to me like Rocky Balboa to Adrian. Shortly afterward the marketing people fired me as a client because they weren't able to understand where I was going with my ideas.

    So what can Realplaces do for you?

    Customers of Realplaces are in control, empowered, informed, and making better decisions. They are better equipped, prepared, confident, and more successful. How?
    Customers have greater control over their success because the service informs and prepares them for all of the decisions they will face. This system was intentionally reengineered, refined and tested to be able to adapt to the new character and demands of this modern, attention starved, communication overloaded, fast-paced, volatile, technology-driven and sometimes virtual environment: Responsive, prepared, accessible, timeliness, thorough, transparent.
    It doesnt end there however. Meeting as many people as we do every day has evolved into a wide reaching rolodex that is now used to help our customers achieve their personal and professional goals.

    We are business students as well as practicioners, advocates, trainers, experimenters, and we share all of what we learn with the entrepreneur community.

    Products, services, assistance, and saving are shared with homeowners.

    What Realplaces is, and what it is intended to be

    Realplaces is a provider of next generation real estate services that empower customers to make the most successful decisions in their use and ownership of property.
    It's techy, agile, and reponsive like a startup in the way it uses communication, techology, and marketing. By the same token it is traditional and conservative in the way it follows business fundamentals, protects personal and financial interests, and functions transparently and authentically.

    It is committed to activities that promote youth empowerment, being a great parent, providing innovative services to the community, bringing new opportunities to fellow business owners, and connecting people personally and professionally to improve everyone's quality of life in the spirit of providing REAL value through self determination and entrepreneurship.

    I hope you find this indispensible, and that Realplaces becomes your main source for real estate information and guidance.

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