Preparing for a successful purchase

On the surface, buying a property seems like a simple, straightforward process. Yet the unexpected details, variables, and pitfalls that inevitably accompany every single transaction carry with them substantial financial risk, limitations, and miscalculations that can cost you your money, your preferred property, or both.

Many of our customers ARE ALREADY very savvy!

Regardless, having the support of experienced people like us has a huge and competitive impact when it comes to successfully achieving your goals. Consider our familiarity with:
  • the intricacies of contracts and how to use them
  • the sales and closing processes and the opportunity and risks they expose
  • the tendencies, typical considerations, and missteps at a stage or an impasse
  • the products, pitfalls, regions, timelines, values, behaviors
  • and of course the market
We have found that "skill + recipe" produces significantly better results than "less informed + less prepared". So if you are the kind of gambler unconcerned with aggravation, loss of money, or missed opportunities, then you dont need us.

The extent of your success is the product of preparation

Thats why we will help you get your ducks, (or your geese, albatross, penguin), or whatever fowl you might have, all in a row. The more prepared you are the higher the probability you will get what you are striving for.

But enough about birds - It's about the competition and your negotiation position

Of course we know where to find what you are looking for, and for sure that does save you time, money, and aggravation, (and it's free anyway). But the most important reason you are working with us is because we are able to bring our experience to bear on your effort and drastically improve your negotiation position and outcome.

You are putting hundreds of thousands of dollars at risk, and it is doubful that you, or anyone would willingly permit themselves to squander any portion of it. While every situation is different, the common thread is that we will get you into the most advantageous position achievable and you will get the best result that is to be had.
It's all about
  • Assembling the strongest offer within your capacity (you will have limits imposed on you either by 3rd parties, by your own limitations, and by your own sense of comfort and risk)
  • At a moment when a seller has none, few, or inferior competing offers (at times the market may be very competitive)
  • At a point where the seller has had enough, and is ready to get it done (some may be very obstinate or willing to gamble and wait for what else may come).
Running the race without knowing the intricacies of the course will leave you and your money in the woods with the stags. Don't emulate Mowgli in "Jungle Book". He never had any money or a nice house. - Jonathan Asbell

Contact us to set up your free pre-purchase strategy session

Your consultation can be done by phone, on zoom, or in person. It will focus your effort and placing you in the strongest negotiation position. You will gain an understanding, comfort, and confidence that will help you address whatever market we are in and successfully acquire the property you are after.

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