Take Home more money by selling Directly To an investor

Join the thousands of successful sellers who eliminated the added costs, setbacks, and unrecoverable mistakes associated with middlemen making promises of quick cash, quick sales, or the highest price.

You've come to the conclusion that your money, resources and energy would be better directed somewhere other than your property.

You may be thinking about how to accomplish that, and whether you could do better if you didn't have to use a salesperson or paying a commission. You may also want an outcome that is not achievable through any of the more obvious and conventional solutions a property owner might take, like: 
  • Selling the property yourself
  • Selling with an agent and paying commissions
  • Selling to someone who says they are buying but their only intention is to resell it TO US INVESTORS ANYWAY
  • Being a landlord and managing tenants, complaints, fines, repairs, and replacements.
  • Keeping the property and supporting its payment, maintenance, upkeep, and improvement

Working with an investor solves problems that conventional solutions cannot

If you've taken a risk and stand to profit, you want to get the most out of it. If you're losing money or facing a significant risk, you want to minimize it.

Selling directly to an investor offers you more choices, better options, more money, it's smart, and its what 26% of the population have been using that you've likely never heard about.

Here is what selling directy to an investor-buyer can help you achieve:

  • Pay for health and living expenses
  • Earn and keep more money
  • Provide stable homeownership
  • Solve financial challenges that accompany inheritance
  • Sell regardless of insurability
  • End your obligation as a landlord while still receiving payments
  • Fund long short or term care for a family member
  • Get a cash advance on equity
  • Get cash quickly
  • Buy a new home before having to sell your current place
  • Receive a price typical sales can't achieve
  • Avoid capital gains tax
  • Create a passive monthly income
  • Sell a property quickly
  • Divert money to better use
  • Save you from a financial hardship
  • Solve a financial challenge
  • Grow your 401k or Roth IRA geometrically
  • Reduce risk, expenses and/or responsibility
  • Obtain another loan
  • Acquire property you would not otherwise qualify for
  • Obtain financing for a house that banks would not otherwise approve
  • Sell despite not having enough money to pay for closing
  • Resolve the real estate related obligations demanded of the probate process
  • Improve your credit

How exactly does this work?

Every homeowner has their own unique problem that they hope to solve through the use or sale of their property. Not being aware of all of your options, you may have concluded that the only viable solution is to simply get an agent, sell the house, and cash out at once. That may or may not be true.

Here is what you are likely to be unaware of

  • the obstacles in the current market interfereing with you accomplishing that, ie. rates, high prices, stringent bank requirements, insurance requirements
  • the enormous yet avoidable tax that may be waiting for you at closing which could take away almost 1/4 of your proceeds
  • the numerous additional options available to you toward achieving your goal

There's no wedding without a bride, & There's no sale without a buyer

The most critical piece of the solution is securing buyer that is both able and willing. Just as a wedding cant happen without a bride, a sale can't happen without a buyer. In an environment of high prices, rates, taxes, and insurance, how many buyers are even able to still buy? You know the answer if you've tried to sell recently.

Here is how we solve your problem - to begin, we are your buyer

You don't have to pay to "market" your property to "find" a buyer - WE ARE YOUR BUYER! Depending on your needs we may buy your property using any combination of cash, advances, monthly payments, repairs, and also leasing with an option to buy. In cases where a homeowner is facing a difficult real estate and/or financial situation we can stop foreclosures, pay for arrears and reinstatement which puts them on a path of rapid restoration of their credit.

Banks are unable, (unwilling), to offer the infinite options we offer. They are hogtied by their board, regulations, policy, and their investors and shareholders. They have rigid and inflexible rules that significantly restrict who is qualified to buy your house and the conditions under which you are permitted to sell it.

What if you don't want to sell?

We can be your long-term tenant or your contracted future buyer. That means we can contract to manage your property for an extended period and pay you rent, or provide cash, services, or other benefits for a future interest in your property WITHOUT having to go through the whole property marketing, showing, offer, and renegotiation charade.

Our programs additionally offer:

  • No salespeople or commissions
  • No repairing or replacing
  • No cleaning up or junk removal
  • No hidden fees or surprise costs

Find out which solutions might better solve your problem

To determine if working with an investor-buyer will deliver a more desireable result, get stated by clicking the button below and responding to the questions. (You will be needing most of these answers anyway for whomever might be interested in making an offer, regardless of whom you work with.)

We are available - right now if you like

Contact us now to get your questions answered, understand any detail you might be missing, and determine which options can deliver a more advantageous outcome for you.

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