Home Audit

If you know what you are facing you are in the best position to make the right decisions. Watch/read below.


Homeowners may not even notice what signals "neglect" to prospective buyers:

Rusted fans, lights, and door hardware, moth cocoons stuck on the walls, broken items, torn or dirty screens, uneven pavers, dirty window panes, irrigation stains from iron rich well water etc.

You would be amazed at how much there is, how simple it is to correct, and how big of an impact they really have on the price you will get

A "Home Audit" identifies problem areas that impact the price and provides an opportunity for you to address them

  • Schedule a date and time with us.
  • We will walk the property and take photos to document what needs to be addressed.
  • you will receive access to the photos with suggestions on how to remedy.
  • We will provide you with resources that we use to perform the repairs.
The Home Audit is not the only step, but it is a critical step in setting yourself up for success. The Service is complimentary and you will receive:
  • photos of items to address
  • a punch list of those items

It is NOT a list of work your are obligated to do or money you must spend

The property is yours, and as long as you are the owner you will be responsible for deciding what to do and what not to do. There is no "wrong", there are just consequences to your decisions. The less you are willing to address issues that impact the sale the less money, longer sale, greater risk, and a higher probability of encountering challenges and aggravation you will experience.

It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that you will address everything

That's because in some situations it does not make financial sense. In other situations you may have no choice but to address it if you are to successfully find a buyer and transact.

Contact us to schedule your home audit

The result is a detailed list of issues for you to consider so that you can estimate any repair costs and make the right decisions to put yourself in the best possible position for getting the most money from the sale of your property.

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