Seller's Marketing Consultation

This is the meeting where (1) all of the things you want to accomplish by selling, (2) all of the constraints, limitations, deadlines and preferences you have, and (3) all of the features and benefits that your property has to offer, all come together into a checklist with a timeline

You walk away with a plan

While our meeting isn't lengthly, it is also not some kind of casual, "touchy-feely", lets get to know each other "kumbaya" encounter. It's important to appreciate that we are meeting with purpose: To address concerns and obstacles, devise work arounds, make decisions, and determine what we need to do to get things done for you.

Take the first steps

To get a clear understanding of the results you want and the steps we will take it is important to answer a few important questions. Start out by completing the following short activities on your phone or your laptop

Then schedule our meeting

There are several ways to contact us. All work just fine. Let us know what days of the week and times in the late afternoon or evening would be best to get all decision-makers together at the same time in the same place.

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