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Zillow is for sissy's, people who put ketchup on hotdogs, and those who think Bob Saget is funny.

Zillow is also for people who are ok with giving up their privacy and personal data, being tracked, receiving constant marketing calls at dinnertime from their affiliates, and getting emails twice a day that you never signed up for.

For the rest of us who want peace, value, and reliable, up-to-date data, gain access to the same industrial-strength property search platform used by us real estate professionals. Unlike consumer tools ours:

  • Filters more detailed criteria (# floors, # garage spaces, pet restrictions, age restrictions, required fees, real time status)
  • Is far more accurate and up-to-the-minute when it comes to criteria and activity (in contract, backup, pending, temp off market) because they buy their data from US
  • Provides better tools to create and organize your own property collections

Already Have An Account?

  • Click on the "Login" button below
  • At the top right of the screen click “Customer Login”
  • Type in your username and password
  • On the left side you can click on the activity you are monitoring
  • Use the symbols (star, etc.) to follow and track the properties you are interested in

Are you are a BUYER seeking more "refined" criteria providing better results than from popular real estate websites.

You want to filter results that include additional detail like:

  • country club communities with mandatory equity fees
  • condo-hotels
  • adult communities that restrict by age
  • if the home you are interested in is under contract(may fall out of contract)
  • if the owner is an agent
  • if the owner has not paid their taxes
  • association fees less than $X
  • within specific school zones
  • on a lake, bay, intracoastal, or beach/ocean
  • in a building with an elevator
  • in a building with greater than or less than X stories
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