Staging = much more $ in your pocket.

Haley Berry may be one of the few actresses who can walk down the street looking like she just rolled out of bed after a new years party and still cause drivers to hit the car in front of them. We cant all be Haley Berry, and being like her is akin to having an indisputable lot, like on the ocean perhaps or on the waterway.

You have a choice:

  1. Dress for the party and sell higher and quicker
  2. Help your competition sell theirs at your expense

Ask yourself

  • Would you wear flip-flops to a formal?
  • Would you pay $40 for a bucket of KFC?
  • How do you feel when you enter a lovely store that has an overpowering scent?
  • How does your conversation go with a new acquaintance wearing hot pink pants?
  • On your first date with any of your significant others were you dressed well and smelling sweet, or did you go looking like you rolled out of bed?
If you are going to be asking a buyer for a big financial commitment, don't you think the product would need to look like it had the value of the price being asked? 

Before & After Staging

    Do you think buyers are not comparing?

    Ah I know, you might say "buyers should be able to see the value of my property and imagine what it could be." Unfortunately only 50% of people can imagine what could be done with a property, and the other 50% will have to actually experience it because they can't visualize. How many prospects can you afford to lose? None.

    How staging gets you more money

    Presentation affects the sale of every product. In real estate it influences one of the key success factors in marketing a home: being “clicked on." Serious buyers are online, and without a prospect clicking on your property no one is going to be making any calls to visit your home, much less make an offer.  It should be obvious to you that consumers click on beautiful or intriguing photos, not ugly ones (unless your home is listed at a rock-bottom price). 

    Even though man has evolved of over the millenia we still retain our survival instincts that instinctively push us to monitor "what is wrong", its just human nature, and you don’t want anything to detract from a buyer’s interest in your home.

    Staging is used to emphasize the attractiveness of the property. It’s also used to downplay and neutralize the presentation so that buyers are able to imagine what THEY would do with the home.

    By the way, did you know that our sense of smell has the biggest impact on us? What we see is 2nd to our sense of smell! What does that tell you about what you need to do when selling your house?

    Staging causes higher offers and fewer days on market.

    So make the effort to put your property’s best face forward, both online, in photos, and in person when a prospective buyer comes to visit. You will be rewarded in the end

    We dont like to use "virtual Staging", where someone digitally overlays furniture in photos of empty homes in order imagine how it would look if it were lived in. The problem is that prospects perceive significant differences between how the property is portrayed online and what they see on their visit, and begin to wonder “What else is here that is not what it seems?“

    We realize that it can be a hassle to maintain your home in "presentation condition", especially while you’re living in it.

    The only time staging is not crucial is when all of the value is in the location. For the rest of us, setting up and maintaining our home in "presentation condition" will pay off in the end.

    How much does it cost to stage my home and put it in a marketing ready state? 

    Generally plan to spend approximately 1% of the sales price, and will usually inlcude dressing up the entire first floor kitchen and entertainment areas, the master bedroom and bathroom, any outside area, and depending on the situation some of the bedrooms may be staged as well.

    One last caveat: Staging REQUIRES that you NOT be living in the property. Thats because the furniture is leased or owned by the stager, and any damage from the kind of things that can happen would mess up the presentation or incur costs to replace or repair.

    Request a consult for our staging services so that we can help you determine the logistics around how you might best be able to benefit by putting your property's best fact forward.

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